Town and Country Party Planning

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Want to have more fun at your bowling party?  Try out some of these fun ideas!  Bowl the first game like normal, then:

FRAME BY FRAME.  Person who does the best scores a point.  Bowl like a character, try to get other guests to guess what you are.  Example:  Frog, chicken, ballerina, Frankenstein, mummy, monster, fish, cartoon character.  More ideas:


  1.  Bowl like a ballerina

  2.  Bowl like a football player

  3.  Bowl like Frankenstein

  4.  Use a granny shot (two hands)

  5.  Frog hop

  6.  Bowl like a very old person

  7.  Bowl like a rock star

  8.  Bowl while turning in circles

  9.  Bowl like a prize fighter

10.  Pass the ball from person to person like a    

      firefighter bucket brigade (one ball at a time,

      please let the lane reset before throwing

      another ball.)

11. Bowl with your feet

12. Bowl while standing on one foot

13. Bowl without using your legs

14. Bowl while dancing

15. Act like the birthday child

16. Sing a nursery rhyme

17. Bowl like you are playing hopscotch

18. Bowl like you are a rabbit

19. Bowl like the ball is super heavy

20. Bowl while holding the hand of a friend

21. Bowl through the legs of someone

22. Bowl like your favorite actor (let the crowd

      guess who you are)

23. Bowl while singing Happy Birthday

24. Bowl while on your knees

25. Bowl opposite handed

26. Bowl in slow motion

27. One guest bowls the first frame, next guest

      bowls the 2nd frame, next guest bowls the 3rd

      frame, and so on. 






Call out a category.  The bowler calls out as many items as they can that fits the category.  If the ball doesn’t make it all the way down, they lose points.  Variation:  The next bowler has to name as many items from the list in 30 seconds as the previous bowler knocked down in pins to stay in the game. Name more, in case any are challenged.

Colors, trees, games, tv shows, songs, farm animals, candy, sports, states, foods, zoo animals, fast food items, things in a bowling alley, why you are a great person, why someone else is a great person, jobs you like to do when you are older, famous actors,

AWARD TIME    Create your own award, or ask the front desk for ideas

Strike it Rich award – prize for most strikes during the party

Spare me the agony - Prize for the most spares during the party

Highest score award

Lowest score award

Gutter ball award – to the person with the most gutterballs